Supplements Fill A Nutritional Gap in Our Diet

The markets of supplements are very hot. The hot-selling supplements are vitamins, minerals and proteins. Mother Nature has abundance of foods that are enriched in these nutrients, but we still rely on supplements for these nutrients. This shows that we are unfortunate to enjoy benefits of what nature has offered for our healthy life.

Why people take supplements

Why people love to take supplements? The most valid reason is that getting nutrients by way of a pill, capsule or powder is easy. You don’t need to eat a lot of food or varieties of foods to get all these nutrients. A single pill can be swallowed to get direct nutrients. Another reason people think is that food takes time to digest and then nutrients are absorbed and mixed in blood stream, but a pill can instantly release nutrients without processes of digestion and absorption. There is no scientific support behind all these derived myths.

Supplements are need specific

No doubt, supplements can do lot more for our body, but not always, unless you actually need them. A supplement is not one size fits all. There is an array of supplements you can find in the markets and on online stores. Just have a look for this array at supplements Canada and browse through the National Nutrition website. You will find countless supplements which may even confuse you. The varieties you find in supplements are not for everyone because every individual has some specific nutritional need. For instance, a diabetic individual would look for GlucoSmart but no other supplement.

Supplements fill a gap

Supplements just make up what’s missing in our diet. You don’t consume it for taste but to fill a gap such as essential nutrients of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin A, B, or C, etc. We see them as immune booster to ward off disease, the extent to which its intake is good.